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Amir Samadi (PhD 2022)



  • PhD Student, Isfahan University of Technology
  • MSc Communication Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, 1998
  • BSc  Electrical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology1988



1. 1989 up to now: Subsea R&D Institute, Isfahan University of Technology (IUT)

2. Member of Navigation Group of ASSABEHAT one Project (The First Iranian Submarine)

3. Member of Design Group of first ROV Project (KAVOSH-1)

4. Research of Ocean Wave Measurement Methods

5. Member of Electrical Group for first Iranian Wave Measuring Buoy (BARAB).

6. Manager of Research Services of Subsea R&D Institute

7. Manager of KHAZAR Oil Company Buoy Project.

8. Manager of P. S. O. (Port & Ship Organization) Buoy Project.

9. Manager of Electrical Group of Subsea R&D Institute.

10. Manager of an ROV project for specific use



1. Parameters Estimation of Ocean Waves by Distribution Sources, (Ocean 98, nice. Oct.

2. Wave Modeling with Distribution Sources (1998-fifth Electrical Iranian Conference)

3. Design of   Under Water Welding Habitat (1998-3th Port & Coast Iran Conference)

4. Home energy management system based on task classification and the resident’s 
    requirements: International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, Volume 118,
    June 2020,

5.  مديريت مصرف در خانه با رعايت تاثير تقاضاهاي كنترل محيطي در تقاضاهاي زمان پايه، مجله مهندسی برق دانشگاه  
     تبریز، جلد 50 ، شماره 2، تابستان1399




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Amir Samadi (PhD 2022) | دکتر مهدی مهدوی


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