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Network Traffic engineering Research Lab

The goal of network traffic engineering is to find analytical relations between users, QoS and network.

Course description:

Introduction to traffic engineering including the concept of Erlang, Busy hour, traffic intensity, traffic volume, fundamental of experiment design and data analysis including Point estimation, confidence interval estimation, variance reduction techniques, Classical Analysis including advance queuing models, QBD processes, matrix analytical method, Computational algorithms and applications including, EPA and MV methods and their applications in random access analysis, Entropy approach, Traffic source modeling including fluid flow method, MMPP, Superposition of MMPPs, MMBP, MAP, D-BMAP and their applications in voice, video and other types of data traffic modelling, Introduction to admission and access control analysis including ON-OFF source admission control analysis based on fluid flow analysis, MMPP analysis, approximations based analysis, Introduction to network calculus, Effective bandwidth theory.


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Winter semesters

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Network Traffic engineering Research Lab | دکتر مهدی مهدوی


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